New player Cool Ranch Payg Feeback

Nov 08, 2013
As stated in the title I am a new player even newer to KI titles, I have been having a lot of fun with the game and think that the job done on it is voice acting is superb. Atm I am trying to play the game pay as you go for I want to gauge how much it will cost for the kids to unlock chapters and side quests and how fast one can get through them.

Now my issue is about the chapter pricing not overall but mostly only centred on Cool Ranch the Mighty Medicine quest after you talk to Wind Hunter he sends you off to the canyon. Once inside you get to the point where you must go down suddenly you must pay 2499 crowns for book nine. Now I just paid for book seven and thought that this must be a mistake. After reading another website's forums I saw that this is by far not the case.

Can KI separate the Book 9 pay area from the Book 7 area? Or is there no plan to do this at all? Gauging from how many crowns I have left in my stash I already calculated that I would be able to get to the Book 8 Chapter 16 pay area before I ran out before I encountered the Book 9 ninja payment. Now I will not.

So this begs the question does this happen a lot later on? Could you please add proper price estimates to the "Pay as you go" area of your website it is a little misleading atm stating you only need 7497 crowns for book 7's main quests when so far I find you actually need 9996 crowns.