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new Pack/ Request

Feb 20, 2010
Dolan here!
I was thinking about how great Mb is in in both W101 and P101, and then thught about how cool it would be to have some more Mb companions. So I made the City Crook Pack.

Feeling like the open skyways are getting old? Make a trip to a different style of crime with theCityCrookPack!

: Jacques theScratcher: Cat Scratcher-Rogue- Villian
: Potbelly: Steam Golem -Smogger-Sentinel
Lucius Mctavish: Rat Swindler-Illusionist-Charlatan
Gearhead: Golem Sparkstaffer-Zapper-Shocker
Mr. Solly Flood: Frog Sweeper-Smasher-Thug

Giant Rat
comes in Grey, Brown, and Green

Comes in Red, Black, or Grey

Weapons(leaving no names so different maes can be placed for different levels
A wand
dirty shanks
golem arm that shoots sparks
Police sheild and nightstick

Several sets of Wizard Marleybone gear and a Police Dog set

Furniture: there is not much left from W101 in MB furniture that is not in P101, but there still probably is some.

P.s Please some how have the Hive and Prehistoric bundles in P101! P.P.S. there is oemthing up with the typing system with these boards so there is loads of spelling errors.

Frozen muskets