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New Game Pack

Mar 28, 2009
I just tried out the new game pack, and got some cool stuff. In particular, a crystal skull :-). For some reason, I cannot display this in my house, but seem to be forced to sell it. Please make these housing items so we can display them!

Crabby Flint Alcott (lv 40) and others

The Crystal Skull is actually a new type of loot known as a "treasure." The only purpose of a treasure is to be sold to a vendor for a good amount of gold. All treasures of this nature should show up in the "All Equipment" area of your backpack, bank, and shared bank, and may easily be sold to any of the Free Traders around The Spiral, like Jolly Roger in Avery's Court.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Gunner's Mate
Jan 06, 2011
Do the "treasure" items have to be sold to a free trader? Do they give more gold? If so, it should say somewhere.

Mar 28, 2009
I know. I'm suggesting this one should be changed to a housing item.

May 02, 2010
I think it would be really cool to display these in your home as a sort of trophy. How about setting a limit on these and allow just one of each item to be displayed. Give them a little sparkle to show their value!

Sep 19, 2012
thats too bad! i noticed that all you could do with these is sell them, but they all look so cool, i would really love to display them in my house. seems a waste to just sell them for gold, as a collector i would love to be able to show them off. also looks like the designers went into a lot of detail with some of them, its a pity we cant display them

Dec 25, 2010
Will they be worth more if I wait till Pirates adds a Bazarre? Or it is strictly store sell only?

Community Leader
The Treasures you recieve from the pack that have a treasure chest symbol on the corner of the card when you open the pack are for selling to local vendors only.

For future ideas;
It would be pretty neat to display in houses or put them on us or our companions as accessories.

I personally love this new idea to the packs, it is a win win situation. You buy the pack for crowns and get lots of neat stuff to sell for tons of gold! The monkey Idol I got was worth 6000G! Awesome stuff. :)


Johnny - Pirate101 Community Leader
Nov 23, 2011
The influx of gold is useful... but some of them are very cool looking (the monkey idol, in fact) and I would like to have them as decorations.

So, how about: newer houses/lairs for our characters can come with a treasure vault. Treasures can be placed there if you want, although no where else in the house (we're pirates, after all - we should be hiding this stuff if we aren't selling it!). I quite fancy the idea of a secret room where Gunn's treasure, mysterious Azteca artifacts, etc. can be stored and periodically gloated over.

I have been eagerly awaiting the first pirate game pack, and I really like it. I am a bit disappointed that the companions or so rare (or maybe I am just unlucky), but I can see why KI made them rare.