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New Flag Symbol Ideas and Charactor Names?

Petty Officer
May 24, 2009
Here are some good ideas for new Flag Symbol and Main Charactor Names?

Flag Symbols:

A Pheonix
A Flaming Skull
Storm Lord's face
A 2 Headed Dog's heads
A Comet
The Earth, Fire, Air, and Water symbols from Avatar the Last Airbender
Triton's Face
Kracken's Face

New First and Last names for charactors:
Sparrow (like Captain Jack Sparrow, of course it will be used as a last name)

Feb 01, 2011
Don't think they'll get any Airbender symbols, due to not owning the rights, but your other suggestions sound pretty good.

I'd like them to add some more 'international' names to the list of available names, for example;

Girls: Ming, Sakura, Ananda

Boys: Chang, Hikaru, Rajan

Family: Lee, Kobayashi, Nasir

...I mean, nearly all of your starting companions are from Asian-inspired cultures, yet you yourself cannot have a name from such a culture (especially appropriate if you choose Mooshu as where you grew up). I'm not trying to turn this into anime-central, but it would be nice to have the option.

Petty Officer
May 24, 2009
Those are good names for charactors, its not everyday you get to see forgin names like sakura or ming, but there are some names currently on the game that sounded like forgin names like Kai for example. Here is another idea of mine, put some of the first names as last names also, like this for example:

Edward Benjiman
Kai Valdus


Jun 18, 2009
Actually I do seen some ship with flag symbols that are defintly not in the options when I was making my pirate so I would like to know where they got them as some were quite nice but not selection I was looking at.

I even went so far to deleted and created a new pirate cause I thought I might have missed seeing them the frist time but they defintly not there. So where did they get these flag symbols?
I support the idea of some new flag symbols and would like maybe a bit more options on the color too.