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New Dungeon Idea! The Return of Moo Manchu!

May 09, 2015
The Tower of Moo Manchu is one of the most interesting and well detailed dungeons in the entirety of Pirate101. Not only does it drop some of the best gear in the game, it also features some of the best bosses in the game. The Nefarious Five and Moo Manchurian.

The whole concept of fighting evil human pirates that represent each pirate class is brilliant!
It gives you this feeling that the skill-set and powers your pirate possesses can be in fact rivaled. The Moo Manchu fight was brilliant as well. I like how he froze or burned your character every round.

I think this idea makes a lot of sense, because when he defeated Moo Manchu in his tower Monkey King said "I'd like to think we've seen the last of Moo Manchu but somehow I doubt it."

This post probably won't get noticed by anyone, but I thought it was a cool idea.

If Moo Manchu and The Nefarious Five were to return in a new dungeon, I think the dungeon should be a little more longer than The Tower of Moo Manchu dungeon and The Nefarious Five should have crazy stats to give the dungeon a more dangerous feel, making it a good idea to bring a friend or two.

I also think the boss gear from the previous tower should be upgraded as well as the class gear.

If this post doesn't get noticed by anyone, hey at least I shared my idea to the public.

Sep 11, 2016
How do you come up with these amazing ideas???!!!?! Heck yeah it would be sweet to fight the Nefarious 5 and Moo Manchu in a new dungeon. Fighting the Nefarious 5 was so cool! It felt like fighting evil peers that are your combat equals. I'm telling you one of the pirate staff members should give a look at the thing you are suggesting. Your ides are absolutely astounding!

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
Eh - personally, I'd rather they create some new enemies for us to fight rather than re-hash. But that's just me.

First Mate
Dec 29, 2012
The Moo Manchu series has been a great quest series culminating in the tower, and yes, I don't think we've seen the end of Moo Manchu either. However, I personally don't want Moo Manchu to be the next dungeon/gauntlet in the game. I believe it is time to introduce end game content in other worlds, specifically Monquista and Cool Ranch which have been severely neglected.

Cool Ranch has the Haunted skyway which offers all kinds of scary/spooky dungeon ideas (which I'm surprised that KI hasn't used for a Halloween promotion like Wizard101's seasonal towers). Imagine taking on an improved level 70 version of Miranda or the infestation of Darkmoor ships and corresponding dungeon (similar to the Dreadnaught in Skull Island).

Monquista has some of the best environments for dungeon crawling (like Monkey's Paw). Imagine attempting to retrieve the cross of Goronado, the holy banana pail, or returning to Zenda to fight imprisoned evil pirates similar to the Nefarious Five, but with upgraded level 70 powers and Monquistan-looking weapon/armor loot (like the Monkey's Paw itself).