New companions in the future?

Dec 20, 2008
if you guys may not know Marlybone is most likely the next world. SPOLER WARNING.
If you dont know In mooshu Rooke explained he had ergent business in marlybone. and there is a stormgate to marlybone in mooshu.
But i want to know what new companions will be there for our classes.
And if the lvl cap increases what companion promotions cause i'm pretty sure you all wanna see favorites like bonnie and sarah promote again!

Leave your opinions and suggestions below

Lvl 48 Swashbuckler James

Feb 01, 2011
I think you are right about Marlybone being next...but I'd like to see Darkmoor! I'm sure eventually we'll see both, plus Polaris.

As for Marlybone about a clockwork one? Preferably the 'brass golem'. I'd also like to eventually see an Armada soldier companion...perhaps one that was captured and reprogrammed to help you instead of the Armada. Maybe even a higher rank than marksman or marine.