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New companions

Feb 08, 2014
Ahoy, mates Squalltamer here. Since Ki added a small companion revamp I decided to make some new companions. Enjoy!

Rat Cutpurse-Rat Ruffian-Rat Rascal
Weapon: Broken Dagger-Cutlass-Large Pair of Cutlass's
Attire: Tattered Tunic-Fine Robe-Duelist's Finery
Epics(at full) (PS your choice:) Riposte 3, Fist Strike 2, Blade Storm 2, Vengeance Strike, Relentless 2
Powers: Sneak Attack-Back Stab, Hurl Knives-Assassins Strike, Hurl Blades

Caes Dimus
Galorian(made up people like armada)Trooper-Galorian Gunner-Galorian Heavy Duty Trooper-Galorian Fusileer-Galorian Mech Trooper(rides on war mech)Galorian Commando
Weapon-Simple Rifle-Big Shotgun-Massive Shotgun-Gold Ornated Rifle-Machine Gun-Bazooka
Attire:armour looks better each time
Epics: Burst Fire 3, True Grit 3, Douple Tap 3, Overwatch 3 Return Fire 2, Quick Draw 2

Feel free to make your or adjust mine
~Reckless Austin Strong:Tower Titan