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New Companion Ideas

Oct 27, 2009
I'm not usually into the spooky stuff, like zombies, but RRRRZZZZ419

has an idea for a drowned zombie companion that got me thinking.

What if they had some spooky companions for a Halloween pack, and there could also be
a zombie Nurse Quinn! She could be a Risen Medicine Woman, creepy and zombiefied, with strong powers to drain enemies. She would be a comic opposite to everything the regular Nurse Quinn is, strong, serious, and dangerous, with black feathers.

Have any companion ideas of your own, creepy or otherwise?

First Mate
Dec 29, 2012
Werewolf companion (graphics/animation from W101 Darkmoor)

Buc companion that "claws" enemies as its basic attack.

Special ability is lycanthropy which infects players and companions that are position in the space next to it (similar to Flying Dutchman mechanic) and lasts for three rounds. lycanthropy changes players/companions into werewolves and you can only use talents/powers resident with the werewolf (i.e. polymorph).

Feb 24, 2015
It'd be cool to get a Witchdoctor companion that's either a scarecrow from Wizard101 or one of those cloaked/robed hooded ravens from Grizzle and there's some in this game but I can't recall where.