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New Class idea: The Mutineer!

Apr 18, 2010
Like the other classes, I wanted this new one to be based off of the stereotypical WoW classes. So I chose one that wasn't represented and I saw the Shaman. So I tweaked it a bit and this happened.

The Mutineer.

A pirate that has made many foes throughout the years and has grown shady and reclusive. Unlike the famed swashbucklers of the skyways, they cope with their ability to use dark mojo, worse than the witch doctors whose mojo is usually quite tame.

The Mutineer is a class that is designed to have many little roles at once. A bit of team support, a bit of anti-spellcasting, and a bit of disabling. All is for one purpose though, and that is to make the enemy feel like their winning, only to come back hard.

The Mutineer's weapon of choice is Speary Weapons (wanted to keep the motif of the weapon types).
This does not mean the usual smashy buccaneer weapons, but most speary weapons will be powered from strength. The Mutineer also has light armor, making it an even 2-2-2 on armor types.

However, the most unique part of the Mutineer (and is where the shaman part comes in) is the fact that they can put down totems. Totems are unique in that they don't hinder sight or movement, but still take up a space on the board. They cannot be destroyed and give many different types of buffs including critical blocking (kind of like Wizard101's block), increased resistance, etc.

It doesn't stop there folks. Oh no, for when you attack your own totem, it will be pushed across the battlefield, doing different effects to both friends and allies in its wake. And considering most of the Mutineer's powers are single target, this is a great way to debuff many enemies at once, creating the dominance that the Mutineer is known for.

I designed the class to be exceptional at taking out Witch Doctors, Privateers, and Musketeers to a certain extent. However, while able to disable and handle them a bit, Mutineers have a hard time with Buccaneers and Swashbucklers due to their low accuracy (RIGHT below a buccaneer's base accuracy) and low dodge (Same as a Privateer's). Due to their under-reliance of spells, Buccaneers can beat down Mutineers with apt force and because of low accuracy and low agility, Swashbucklers will have no trouble dueling and assassinating them for their horrible crimes.

The starter companion would be from Mooshu (again to keep things consistent) and would be a cow privateer who knows judo and attacks with her hands (hooves?) most of the time. And this would create a balance of 2 bucs, 2 swashes, and 2 privs for starter companions.

Let me know what you guys think

I actually have an entire skill list I made so if you are curious about anything just say so.

Phantamkoopa out.....

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
Apr 18, 2010
Might as well put up the skill list.

1: Spirit Totem (This totem gives extra resistance equal to the Mutineer's to all allies in the radius. It also decreases the will of all enemies in the radius)
4: Healing Shock (This heals and harms allies and enemies in a straight line of 4 tiles. If used behind a totem it will extend the range and increase the heal/damage)
5: Light Armor
5: Paranoia (The Mutineer is unaffected by sneak attacks immunity to retaliation and is immune to Flanking)
7: Speary Weapons 1
7: Paralyze (Halves movement and damage for 2 turns. Can be used with totem to perform the effect in a straight line.)
8: Tough 1
9: Spooky 1
10: Monkey Grave (This totem gives 90% critical block for all allies in the radius. When it blocks, the hit will also be reduced by 50% in addition to being reverted back to a regular hit. It will also give -10% to all epics that have a chance to happen e.g. Relentless)
10: Armored 1
11: Accurate 1
12: Lucky 1
13: Dodgy 1
13: Discorded Blow (Reduces Mojo and increases debuff duration on target by 50% each. Can work with a totem)
15: Pirate
15: Healing Bolt (25% more healing and damage from Healing Shock)
16: Peaceful 1
16: Speary Weapons 2
18: Tough 2
18: Jobu Strike (New epic ability. 35% chance that any hit you do will incur a 50% "lifestealing" ability. 1 time per turn)
20: Ruthless (Another new epic ability. 35% chance for a free attack after casting a spell. 1 per turn)
20: Ensnare (Fully immobilizes an enemy for 2 turns. Can be used with a totem)
21: Javelin Throw (Sends a distant enemy in front of you and land a free sneak attack on them. All in between you and the enemy will be damaged)
23: Bonfire (Creates fires in an "X" pattern not dissimilar to Zeena's Rain of Fire. Infinite Range)
25: Vital Volt (50% Healing and damage from Healing Shock. Also does healing and damage over time)
25: Witch Hunter

Bold is original creations.

More to come.

Apr 18, 2010
27: Power Tower (This totem gives both allies and enemies a 25% increase and decrease in main stats and reverses damage types. For instance, Old Scratch would do Physical Damage and Ratbeard would do Magical Damage etc.)
30: Pirate 2
30: Keen Eyes (Increases cast range of spells by 2)
32: Discorded Smash (+25% damage compared to Discorded Blow)
35: Jobu Strike 2 (Epic ability. Same as Jobu Strike but can be done 3 times per turn)
35: Mutinied Flag (This totem reverts debuffs on allies and reverts buffs on enemies for all in the radius)
37: Restrain (Immobilize for 3 turns and stun for one turn)
40: Ruthless 2 (Epic ability. Same as Ruthless with +25% damage and does Glancing Blow after initial hit. 75% chance of happening)
40: Speary Weapons 3
42: Pirate 3
45: Discorded Slam (+50% damage compared to Discorded Blow and goes for 10 turns)
47: Witch Hunter 2
50: Takeover Standard (This totem adds one rank to all epic talents of allies and subtracts one rank of epics to all enemies in the radius)
52: Debase (Fully purge one target of all buffs and debuffs for five turns)
55: Javelin Volley (Same as Javelin Throw but does it 5 times and with no sneak attack)
57: Jobu Strike 3 (Epic ability. Same as Jobu Strike 2 but now gives a -25% resistance debuff to anyone who gets hit)
60: Black Field (This totem gives +25% raw damage to all allies in the radius. It gives -2 spell cast range and +25% fizzle rate to all enemies in the radius)
62: Ruthless 3 (Epic ability. Same as Ruthless 2 but also gives a +25% fizzle rate and now happens 100% of the time)
65: Reanimate (Bring a fallen companion or player back with 25% health and a +100% armor and resistance buff for 2 turns. Technically 1 turn since no one can attack a dead companion/player)

That is all. Let me know what you think.

Once again, Phantamkoopa out.

May 13, 2011
interesting so far. there are still a few questions that need to be answered

who is the trainer and whats the story of that trainer?
what skills do you get from mutineer exclusive quests?
who is the kraken skulls companion?
whats the mutineer symbol?

the idea is good now, but it looks like one of the classes i wont be playing very much. still, thats just my opinion. im just happy to finally use the extra spot in the character selection

Jun 02, 2013
How about intuition the witchdoctors version of first strike that would help against people with staff weapons

Oct 16, 2012
Yeah! That sounds pretty cool! Reanimate would be a good move, especially in boss fights. Nice creativity!

Jan 12, 2012