New Class: Beastmaster

Aug 21, 2009
There are many items in the game that give cards that allow allies to be summoned but those allies are always so very weak and useless that there is typically no point in even summoning them. There should be a class that is able to call up these allies, boost them and make them effective and hard to kill. Imagine if you have a beast master on your side and everyone summons their allies and the beast master casts mass boosting cards that only work upon pets and summoned allies.

May 13, 2011
Sep 08, 2008
I LOVE your idea Seasnake.

But, I foresee a pretty big, and disappointing, problem.

In Wizard101, the Beastmaster is basically a Myth wizard. But they are now nothing but mere third rate damage dealers with useless minion spells that work on useless minions that could not even survive a single round against ... any kind and type of mob. (It should be very obvious that I am talking about the later half of the game.)

What is to prevent KI from taking a Beastmaster implementation in Pirate101 and turning that class into a third rate damage dealer with useless spells for useless minions that could not even survive a single hit in the later half of the game?

The way the summoning works already makes summoning anything a waste of time and energy. KI's refusal to change it (or see why it is so darn useless and flawed) pretty much throws any idea of having a Beastmaster type class out of the window.

Oct 17, 2012
I agree with seasnake (sorry if I got that wrong) there should be a booster class. I wasted a very long time with side quests to reach level 30 only to find out the skeletal coausair is lvl 15. I mean seriously i'm gonna reach lvl 40 and find out that KI programmed the skeletal dragon to be lvl 20 and completely useless. Come on KI can't you make them a little bit stronger. Please.

Petty Officer
May 24, 2009
I kind of like your idea, but you also go add in other attack abilities to, not just Beast Boosters, but the new class idea might work, you never know, it all depends on if KI goes along with it.