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New bundle, yay!

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
So I've seen lots of people with new pack and bundle ideas, which I respect and love. Why? Because I love to waste- er, I mean, spend all of my money and crowns on items for video games. So here's one that I really would like to see:

The Depths of Darkmoore Bundle

House: Undersea Shadows House ADD-ON (not an actual house)
Dive underwater and explore the vast depths of the Darkmoor-ian oceans! Perhaps the friendly sea monster will give you a present?

Ship: Darkmoore Galleon
(specific Darkmoore ship parts come with it, but it can also count as Pirate Origin)

Gear: (here's the best part, pirate-type specific gear)
Witchdoctors- Coral Conundrum staff (gives different upgraded WD attacks depending on what level it is)
Buccaneers- Storm Hydra Fang (a powerful cutlass which has a chance to paralyze the opponent after a normal hit)
Musketeers- Pufferfish Pistols (has a chance to poison opponents after a normal shot)
Privateers- Current Cutlass (comes with a shield, has very high dodge/block and accuracy, as well as giving a slightly weaker version of Kraken's Lament)
Swashbucklers- Seaweed Slashers (gives you +2 movement area as well as being giving a hurl knife +3 ability)

Companion- Sea Monster (First Strike, Riposte,)

Pet- Mini Sea Serpent

Mount- Manta Ray (or maybe a large Ocean Snake)

So yeah, I hope people like my idea :D