New Bundle Ideal

Apr 21, 2012
This bundle would have a hacienda (better than (trumpet plays) El Torro's home), a small little burro (super fast ) for a ride, sombrero and poncho with crossed bandoliers and boots, the weapons would be a pistol(left hand)/rifle combo (no cobbler-she knows whom i taking too , no whip, only (trumpet plays) El Torro has that). Well, KI if ya don't like the bundle ideal at least the little burro(with big long ears and small body and super fast) ride would be great Also, the reason I didn't go into elaborate details, is I think that KI doesn't need me to, they got such great minds already. Just look more at the great art work and humorous NPCs names and quests titles. Happy Sails to You! Salty Seamus

Jul 31, 2011
cool idea! If you'd like to see my idea for a bundle (and more), see the thread called Bunch'a Ideas. Its about phoenixes and such.