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New Boss Idea: Master of Shapes

Jul 23, 2009
There's a cave behind the Skull Island Docks Life Fountain that you should visit and i was thinking someone similar to to Loremaster from Wizard101.

Much like the Rebel Hideout there is three different tiers of it because the companions from the Booster Packs have different promotion levels like the TCP Companion promote at levels 24 and 43, the GBP Companions promote at levels 30 and 60 except for Baar who promotes at levels 25 and 45, and the AOTA have promotion at levels 20 and 40

So the Tiers: Tier 1: level 1-28, Tier 2: levels 29-55, Tier 3: level 56-70

The Master of Shapes may sound like a Witchdoctor to you but he's actually he's a Privateer, His minions are 5 wisps who will spawn randomly every encounter, Example: The Buccaneer Wisp will shape-shift into either Holkun Domhorn, Atohr, Baar or the Haywire Marine/Dragoon. So the wisps will polymorph into companions from booster packs for 3,5 or 10 rounds depending on the class and level tier and will also look like promoted versions of the companions. Only 5 wisp will spawn if their are 4 players in the fight. Master of Shapes can still take damage but reduced by 50% or 25% until all wisps are defeated but the wisps can't take damage until transformed.

Now for the moment ye all have been waiting for The new companion that can be obtained:The Master of Shapes Type: Terracotta, Class:, Powers:,Polymorph Decoy (teleport to any square and leave and decoy that stays in one square until defeated, Note: the decoy is a weak version of him with just one random epic), Epics: Cheap Shot (pre-learned), Hold The Line, Witch Hunter, Repel Boarders, Relentless, Second Chance, Vengeance Strike, Riposte, First Strike, Flanking, Blade Storm. Promotion levels: 23 and 52

Dreaming Alex Holbrook, level 70