New armada troop ideas

Gunner's Mate
Dec 25, 2015
Just a few armada troop ideas.

Armada battle demon. A deadly combination of the dragon and the battle angel, with the strength and speed of both types of fighters, along with an artillery power to go with the traditional battle angel and dragon powers, guaranteed to stop any pirate.

Armada mage:a very powerful clockwork, able to launch mojo farther than any musketeer, access to many forms of magic such as mojo echo, improved mojo blast, and jobu’s embrace, nearly impossible to defeat a group of three or more alone.

Armada commanders:Has a large amounts of heals and buffs to make sure his team survives, at half health uses an ability called morale boost which acts like a ten round battle zeal, on death summons a small group of marines and musketeers.