New adds are annoying

Jun 21, 2013
Anyone who disagrees with me is welcome to say it, but these new adds are ANNOYING. When I went into the test realm in Spring 2014 I was all hip-hop happy for all the new additions. Then I saw how my buffs are for my Privateer and I was outraged, Lost 7 rounds on my Battle Zeal, 5 rounds for my Espirit De Corps, BUT gained 5 for Call to Arms. Also I noticed my Will Boosts, Rallying Call, Steadying Speech, and Calm the Troops are the SAME way. Having a max & I noticed the others were the same way, I don't why Kingsisle made the Bad Buffs good and Good Buffs bad. For you Kingsisle, do you guys have something against Privateers and our good buffs? Or, are you guys doing what the Pvp people BEG for?