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New ability suggestions!

Nov 07, 2010
Hi I have some ideas for new abilities/spells! Level 75/80 Here they are: Also warning they are kind of over powered

1. Puppet Master
class: witch doctor
description: When casted on enemy unit, this spell will allow the caster's team to control the target's movement, attacks, and abilities for one round.
2. Illusion
class: musketeer
description: When casted on friendly unit, this spell will CLONE the target. This clone will have 1 health, so it will be able to be killed in 1 hit. Dodge of the clone is also reduced by 50%. Besides that, it is pretty much another version of your original companion.
3. Summon Phoenix
class: privateer
description: When casted, a friendly phoenix will spawn and help your team. This phoenix heals 5% of lost health to your troops each round. When enemy units are near it, they will take 60 damage from fire. Phoenix has 1000 health.
class: Swashbuckler
description: When casted on friendly unit, the unit it blessed with Vampirism. This spell is only effective on melee attacks. When the friendly unit attacks, 10% of the damage dealt will be healed back to the target. Lasts for 3 rounds.
5. Ice Bolt
class: Buccaneer
description: When casted on enemy unit, they will be hit with 500 damage and frozen in place. This unit is frozen solid and therefore can not move, attack, dodge, use abilities, or be blessed/cursed. It can, however, be attacked, but the attack's damage are decreased by 20%.

Thank you for looking at my ideas! I had fun writing them so yea I hope you like them!