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Nefarious! Issues and discussion.

Petty Officer
May 21, 2008
Hello fellow pirates. I have been noticing many complaints about The Nefarious 6th badge. The main problems arise are:

1) Why those, who chosen not to drink, get no reward and only more difficulty dealing with the one who drank along with The Nefarious 5…

2) Why those, who chosen to drink, are rewarded with a badge and also can mess up the battle using the doubloons which benefit The Nefarious 5...

3) Why those, who chosen to drink and obtained the badge, immediately lose their motivation to continue until the end of the gauntlet, leaving the team being on her own, thus breaking the four pirate team and possibly ending the gauntlet…

4) Why badge is rewarded only to the one who had chosen to drink and basically put no action into winning the fight…

So far, there might be way more problems to list, but these are the main ones, which were boiling over the Message Boards. If you have more to say, please comment bellow!

Now I will speak my opinion:

(WARNING! Opinions does not have to be taken seriously and they do not always match your opinion, but everyone can nicely discuss about content of the one or another opinion.)

Yes, it is quite not fair for those who had chosen to fight and not to fall for the potion, even if it tastes like the most favorite thing you like! Those pirates should be rewarded by something special as well or maybe not... It was highly suggested to give them a badge too, which grants halo effect. In my opinion halo would be too divine effect. After all, sober pirates had no visual effect. The halo would be quite illogical to give, even if as much as I would enjoy it. I rather put a halo effect as a reward for the badge for when you defeat English Bill.

I am sure the badge is a sneaky matter of Ratbeard to bring some nefariousness and burden the fight as well as bring some twists and fun or disappointment. After all, look from the other side, sometimes there should be also not fair and bad things to happen. And most important the gauntlet is supposed to be repeated many times, so why complain, while you can get the badge too and be happy with it! I am sure Ratbeard had an idea of a hard fight. But he slightly reduced the difficulty to normal and allowed players to choose both to drink the potion and make it harder or keep normal difficulty with the untouched potion.

Messing up the fight with doubloons and leaving. There is no one fault, other than that pirate. It is social problem that must be dealt individually. Selfishness, arrogance, malevolence… The only solution is to choose who you will play with and whom you avoid. I only wish everyone was fair and good…

Everyone is welcome to tell what they are thinking and we might find the solutions to make things fair and gaming fun!