Names from other cultures?

Feb 01, 2011
I always wondered why KI doesn't have some (more) names from different cultures to choose from when making a character. I mean, your first crewmate is from Mooshu, and Mooshu features prominently in the game, but you can't have a Japanese or Chinese name. Some possible names I'd suggest would be...(just looked them up on the internet)

Japanese Boy: Akira, Hikaru, Ryuu, Takashi
Japanese Girl: Kimiko, Rei, Sakura, Yuki
Japanese Surname: Hashimoto, Kobayashi, Saito, Yamada
Chinese Boy: Chen, Li, Shan, Yang
Chinese Girl: Ling, Mei, Xiang, Yue
Chinese Surname: Fong, Wu, Yang, Zhao

This could even be extended to a few other cultures that produced pirates...Indian, Arabic, etc.

I just like having lots of options, that's all.

Nov 23, 2011
I would love to see more names in general, and agree names from different cultures would be especially nice. I would also love to see them expand the options for ship names, as well.