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My two biggest grievances

Aug 09, 2014
There is a few things I'd change but these two weigh on me the most.
1. Companion appearance. I've discussed it on here and am not alone. Promotions are very good because they give new epics but they also change the companion appearance. Sometimes the change is good and others are so-so. But some are bad, really. My most hated is Martin Valvida's look when he is promoted. He goes from cool skeleton monquistador in fancy black metal armor complete with the classic morion helmet, to a very lame version of ghost rider. He wears a lame leather jacket and his head his on fire. His armor is gone and when he runs it looks like he's wearing a beanie. Especially for a crowns only companion you buy them for the way they look as much as their abilities. But with the promotion he looks nothing like the companion I bought. We should be able to promote our companions to get the epics but also be able to choose "skin" we want them to wear.

2. The order you put your doubloons in should be the order they come up. I've had fights were I've needed doubloon minions so I set them up to be first but I had to discard about 7 useless doubloons from the bottom of my list before I got one. I swear there's a galewind that's last in my deck and it comes up first every other battle.

Jul 07, 2013
He lacks skin . Doubloons are a gamble but that's part of the fun!

Virtuous Dante Ramsey

May 30, 2010
Yeah, the doubloon order thing never seems to work right. When I get one that will not stop appearing I just use the wretched thing to get it out of my hand. There's no point saving it for when I want it, because it sure as heck isn't going to appear then!

I with you on the appearance thing. Some companions look increasingly sharp and then you get poor Dead Mike, who drops body parts all over the place and, well, any of the undead companions, really.