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My suggestions

Aug 05, 2013
1)Nerf buffaloons
Too much dodge for them (for fatty flying things ). Dodge + vengeance for my melee = bad mood.

2) Got mission about to kill striped buffaloon (need 8) In pack only 1 striped + 4 "original". Please increase anount of striped buff's (atleast 2 in pack and 2 origin). Because it takes hours to complete this quest.
(with my full "my level" crew and "crown" stuff )

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I don't think they need to be nerffed. Yea they are a pain and I do not look forward to doing them but, they are a challenge and I love a good challenge. If the game was all easy, nerffed stuff, what would be the fun in that? Having a hard challenge show up makes me stop and think about how I am playing. It makes me do some research to see what is the best way to conquer this challenge. Sure I could just get some help from a higher level friend but then I would not be improving as a player, I would only be progressing as a mediocre player. I want to learn How to tackle new stuff, not how to get around it. The game designers don't put those tough fights there just to tick us off. They do it to make us think and to get us to use our tools that they have given us in new ways. The May newsletter gives great tips from One-Eyed Jack himself that really help you to think outside of the box and to help you learn how to be a better player. I don't want to play an easier game, I want to become a smarter player.