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"My Puppet Shows" interface renovation ideas

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
While I continue to enjoy seeing more Puppet Shows added to the game, I'm starting to think that it's getting a bit longer to find the ones I enjoy.

With it's interface currently as it is, I'm starting to feel that others who are trying to search for their Puppet Shows may be tiring their fingers out by clicking on the arrows many times.

I kindly ask of you to renovate the "My Puppet Shows" interface so that it will be quite easier for those who have been searching for their favorite Puppet Shows.

Think of this.

So far we have the main story Puppet Shows & one optional Puppet Show about Bestia & Pets from the "Silly Pet Tricks" quest, a first for it, I might add, & I think the Puppet Shows should be re-arranged in chronological order & into sub-categories, like "Main Storyline", for those who are progressing through the game's main story quests in the main story arcs, "Optional", for those who find optional side quests, & I'm thinking perhaps possible side story arcs, that have Puppet Shows in them, & "All" for if they want to bring them all at once.

It should also display the allotted time for how long each Puppet Show takes to watch.

What do you think of these renovation ideas? Hope I get to see that happen soon.

Thanks for listening!