My level 11 swashbuckler ran out of quests

Aug 21, 2009
Level 11 and only quest left to finish is the Zeke quest but can't finish that cause I'm barred from the gold mines. I didn't get any quest that took me to Peurto Mico. I'm pretty sure one shouldn't run out of quests at level 11.

Sep 08, 2008
You should not ever run out of quests .... that gets me confused. You always have a main story quest active, since that is what drives the whole advancement progress.

I am trying to think of a situation where you would not even have a story quest active, but I can't think of any. You missed something. You probably need to go find a person, or sail to a place in the skyway, or *something*.

There are sidequests everywhere. Revisit older places, like Frogfather, and Scrimshaw, and such, and complete thoses quests if you wanted to. But you would eventually run out of those quests.

Aug 21, 2009
I still need help on this, sent in help requests but the my quest chain is still broken.

Aug 18, 2012
This is inconceivable, I am a level 50 swashbuckler and my main line quest is still there. I do not understand predicament, look through all the old places you are supposed to go to

May 10, 2010
You might want to go back to puerto mico and look around, because somehow, you did not pick up the main story line quest then, if it is not in your quest book. Contact support, because the story does not end at level 11 for any character and non of my characters have ever expereinced this problem.

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May 02, 2009
You can't run out of quests, so I would suggest looking through your quest log again and/or look around for quests to do.

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I dont quite see how this is possible, unless something on your pirate in particular is "broke". However I have noticed many quest givers that have a quest to be picked up immediately after the previous one is turned in. Usually mainquest line wise you are forced to take it, but maybe somehow the next quest task didnt trigger. You might try back tracking the last few turn ins you did and see if they have any quests for you to pick up to move forward. Otherwise, this sounds like a job for KI Customer Service.

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Oct 22, 2011
In following the main quests, one finishes and another immediately begins. There is no declining it like you can with side quests.

Either you lost track of the main quest line, or you need to contact support to see if there is a glitch and have them check your logs.

Apr 28, 2012
More information would be helpful. Like what were the last few quests completed (if you don't remember names, what did you do during the quests). Are you a member of Pirate101 (monthly or yearly)? Other information that you think would be relevant.

Not sure why you are barred from the Gold Mine unless it deals with not being a member.

Aug 21, 2009
After four days and several useless responses from Kingsisle telling me I needed to do a quest series that not had I already completed but I already had the end reward companion that the quest was supposed to give already on me they completed the quest for me (by completed the quest for me that means they forced it completed as my character didn't change position or anything so they couldn't have played it). They told me what the next quest was and I ended up doing a web search to find out who I needed to talk to in order to start it up which did work. This problem did happen, and if everyone had read through the message boards three or four other players were having similar problems at different levels often due to bosses not appearing/loading the first time they entered a quest area. In any case, my situation has been resolved.

Aug 01, 2010
  • what you most likey could of done is been doing a main quest when you thought you were doing a side quest and accidently declined the advancement. but that is impossible the only time you should run out of quest is when you.

  • reach the level cap
  • fully level all possible companions
  • finish all quest side and main ( all not just the ones you pick up going through the levels
all those need to be present in order to say that you have no quest left . if you have no membership it could be that but it shouldnt happen till you are AT LEAST the level cap