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My Kane Battle Idea(Revised)

Feb 13, 2011
This is my new version of a Kane boss idea, with some revision from the original. The base stats have been toned down heavily, since this is not Wizard101(where enemies need higher base stats due to the game design) and the majority don't want to wait until supposedly, level 200 to have a final battle against him. Kane's cheats have also been revised to fit a puzzle boss better, rather than extra enhancements to attacks like some Wizard101 cheating bosses.

Anyway, I hope this is a far better idea than the original, I think it would be cool to see a class changing boss whose strategy varies like PvP.
Kane(Base Stats, these are not affected by his class change ability):
Level 100
7,500 HP
Weapon Attack Power: 500
Spell Power: 400
Kane's cheats are listed below:
Kane can change his class at any time if he has not done so in the last 5 turns. Most of his stats change accordingly upon doing so as well as his battle style. All class specific buffs he currently has(Example: Walk in Shadows) are removed upon doing this.
Randomly around the battlefield are spare parts, which if Kane is nearby can "build" a new level 100 clockwork minion to help him during the fight, but does not have to be destroyed to win the fight. He can also "build" a logistics turret(Turret itself has 500 hp) instead, which does not move or attack but heals 1,500 HP every 4 turns.
Kane Stats: (Buccaneer/Privateer/Swashbuckler/Musketeer/Witchdoctor)
Accuracy: 170/160/170/200/150
Dodge: 180/170/200/140/150
Armour: 120/90/75/40/0
Resistance: 0/40/75/90/120
Movement Speed: 5/4/7/7/4
Vengeance Strike Rank 3, Turn the Tide Rank 2, Blade Storm Rank 2, Hold the Line Rank 3
Elusive Rank 3, Repel Boarders Rank 2, Cheap Shot Rank 2
Jump, First Strike Rank 3, Elusive Rank 1, Riposte Rank 2, Flanking Rank 2
Overwatch Rank 2, Burst Fire Rank 2, Parting Shot Rank 2, Double Tap Rank 2
Mojo Echo Rank 2, Improved Mojo Blast Rank 2, Mojo Rising Rank 2
Leviathan's Call, Vicious Charge, Whale's Might
Battle Zeal, Enduring Discipline, Dress the Line, Reinforce, Valor's Armour/Fortress
Assassin's Strike, Assassin's Shroud, Gambit of Steel, Hurl Knife, Walk in Shadows
Bounding Overwatch, Canister Show, Hail of Cannon Balls, Powder Monkey's Palisade
Jobu's Embrace, Mojo Storm, Purge Magic, Chain Lightning
Other Information:
Kane's battle style as a Buccaneer is aggressive, he focuses on keeping within melee range of a single target while disabling their ability to retaliate with Vicious Charge.
As a Privateer, he is defensive, he focuses on defending himself as well as focusing more on building minions/turrets, he will be on the move towards available parts.
As a Swashbuckler, he is offensive, preparing powerful attacks against single targets or using GoS to crowd control if surrounded.
As a Musketeer, he is conservative, he attempts to stay back and pick off crowds from afar.
As a Witchdoctor, he focuses on crowd control, targeting concentrated groups.

Jul 23, 2013
Very detailed. Sounds like a fun fight.

~Clever Finnigan Voss~