My honest opinion.

Petty Officer
Nov 29, 2011

Over the last month or so since Book 15 hit the test realm, I've experienced a variety of emotions. First was joy. Then fear. Then disappointment. Then frustration. It's been stewing in my mind for a while, and I finally think it's time for me to say it, though I doubt I'm the only one thinking it. As it is now...

I hate Book 15.

NOT because of its difficulty. But because of what it could have been. What P101 could have been.

The compression of Arc 1 killed many of the things I and many others were looking forward for years. Including, but not limited to:

The exclusion of Valencia City, Trianon Palace, Krokotopia, Darkmoor, Andalusia Skyway, Cadiz, The Machine Skyway, Wizard City, and El Dorado.

Queen, supposedly one of the most important and powerful of the Elites, reduced to two lines of dialogue and far less interesting than she could have been. Bishop, my favorite elite, was clearly slated to return as a speaking role, yet it was not to be.

The Map is incomplete, as is our Windstone sextant.

Unfortunately, Blind Mew's explanation of what should have been only exacerbated the situation for me. As an aspiring writer, it PAINS me to see a wonderful story cut short and rushed, as was the case.

Simply put, for me, Book 15 doesn't come anywhere close to matching the majesty of everything preceding it. I understand that the company has been faced with hard times, and that we, the players, were growing impatient.

Yet, it seems to me that time could have seen the original story shine.

I hope that one day, KI will restore this to what it should be. It's been done before.

Thank you.