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Multiple Firstmates

Petty Officer
Jul 26, 2011
I am a musketeer in the middle of mooshu so I already have over a full page of companions. So here is my question. Why can we only have one firstmate (I understand the term "first " implies one but the name isn't an important matter)? I have a couple really good companions that Iove using but I only can guarenteed getting one of them for battles. This could be a feature unlocked by leveling up or something bought, but there should be some way to either have 2 companions reserved for every battle, or at least a 50\50 split as your first mate. (As you've probably noticed I am wayyy to lazy to change my order every battle)

I also want to suggest this. Our indoor Follower can only be a pet, or a first mate. I think you should have the power to designate ANY companion as your follower regardless of their spot in your lineup. I have my follower currently set to none because I don't really like the way my first mate/pet look. Again, this could be a purchased feature or an unlock able feature.

Please comment on my ideas

Nov 23, 2012
I think your right I mean go into lots of hard battles that i cant choose my companins so i have to hope to get at least 2 good companians. well see yeah