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More variety in gear

Aug 21, 2009
Why isn't shooty stabby weapons available at every 5 levels, and why must the best equipment offered to a character class always have the same attribute structure, such as always targeting, dexterity, and health rather than mixing it up a bit with dodge, or whatever. Different players are looking for different things and only a small fraction of the players are being catored to what they would prefer.

Petty Officer
Feb 10, 2011
I second the more variety problem.

There isn't even a stabby weapon currently available in the Crown shop.

Community Leader
I know they will be adding more gear for all levels eventually, but it does feel a bit empty in that department at the moment. Once the bazaar happens and we have access to all the drops that all the other players got, this should not feel like so much of an issue. We'll see!

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