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more pirate101 ideas.

Oct 15, 2012
1.enemies surrendering and becoming companions,basically at a low occurance an enemy would surrender and ask if they can join can decide whether they join or not
2.okay this next one isnt an idea more is it an improvment,instead of how many companion's you have is why the price is higher or lower,it's the main character's level for example if your lv.60 training points are 600 gold coins if your lv.56 it's 560 gold coins. if it's lv.6 there worth 60 coins.get my point? system. basically here's my idea on how it works. 30 miniutes of gameplay equals 1 day and 20 miniutes equals 1 night and than it changes to night unless it's a certain season,for example if it's winter,it's 10 miniutes equals 1 day 40 miniutes equals one night if it's summer 40 miniutes=1 day and 10 miniutes equal one night.
4.a charity system around the winter times,ok i know what you thinking,yes i am getting the idea from club penguin but eh,a charity around winter wouldnt be bad,so basically an npc would be in avery's court around winter and he sells various things for gold,you'd typically see in the crown store,what happens to the gold spent becomes real money which is split between kingisle and a random charity organization depending on what you buy.(also bringing up cp again,is it just me or am i getting inspired by not only thing's i like,but thing's i hate. kinda interesting.maybe i'm more of interesting person than i think)
5.something along the line's of wysteria.self explanatory.
6.bounty hunting,ok so here's the idea,have you ever gone in a tavern and have you've seen that generic wanted poster decoration and that warty willy thing in cool ranch,well why dont we not make that just pointless filler an actually turn it into this:bounty hunting,you can go to any tavern and go talk to the tarvenmaster and he gives you quests to go hunt down a certain guy,that appears randomly as a boss on a random ship or a special ship made for them,and these bounty hunting quests would be monthly. but not as good as the main story.
to be continued.