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More crown shop counterparts

May 13, 2011
I think that there should be crown shop counterparts of bonnie anne,old scratch, el toro, and the like. Here are my ideas: Bonnie Anne`s is Rosie/Liam Mcleod. Appearance: Fur the color of you base flag color and clothes the color of your trim. Old scratches is Spelleton. Appearance: Like old scratch except weapon is a skeleton arm holding an orange globe. Ratbeards is rattain hook. Appearance: Like Ratbeard except with a scythe instead of a hook. El toro`s is Super bull. Appearance: Like el toro except with a football helmet in your flag colors. Monkey king's is Lord of primates. Appearance: Like monkey king except with a crown and two staffs with knives on the end.
Each of these guys costs 5995 crowns.

May 06, 2012
Well the point of the crown shop counter parts are to give players a companion that is the exact same expect for look. if they made counterparts of the universal companions no one would buy them because they already have them.
Quiet Zachary Armstrong

Nov 23, 2011
Not necessarily true that no one would want them because of the redundancy. If you wanted a particularly strong firing line, for example, a second Bonnie Ann would be very helpful, since she is better by far than any other musketeer companion out there. One of my pirates purchased (em, hired) Lucy Sterling even though he already had Sarah Steele in his crew. The unique companions tend to be very good, so I can see the appeal of doubling down on them if you are trying to bulk out your crew with a certain type of crewman. They probably would not sell as well as some of the others, though, because a lot of pirates would not want that type of duplication.