More Card Packs Please!

Cute Stuff Commoner
Aug 04, 2010
I just wanted to suggest to have more card packs. Card packs are cool and
I just like the companions and pets, gear, etc.

Be Mine Beginner
Feb 10, 2010
YES PLEASE! Wizard101 creates a LOT of card packs which I am crazy for! (It's like Christmas time every time a new pack comes out lol ) I truly hope that Pirate101 will create more card packs! LOVE the idea of new outfits, mounts, pets and companions!

Sweet Talker
Sep 19, 2011
Yes more please.I don't spend a lot of money here to get crowns. But in Wizards i would get new crowns each time a new pack came out. Loved the chance at new mounts or gear.

Sweet Talker
Feb 01, 2011
Very much agree with this! I'm sure the powers that be are actually working on this...but I wish they'd hurry!