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monstrology in pirate101

Petty Officer
Mar 08, 2017
i have lost count of my ideas, but this one i like more than others, its my 'favorite child' of ideas i could say.

now this would work differently from wizard, one of the differences being how its used, it is available from a sidequest, works on all species, and is given as a talent, this talent can be increased with practice points to rank 5, which it has 5 ranks in total, every rank giving one more point than the other, and of course it will have levels, every 10 normal levels an enemy has a new monstrology level (other than characters over level 70, which until we get a level cap higher than the skeleton key levels, we will have the obsidian bosses and bosses level 71 and above at level 7 monstrology level) and the way the player levels is the same as wizard, except the rank your monstrology is at doesnt change the exp, instead, each pack companion will get a talent number based on their relevance to it, with beastmasters giving you 4 more exp, and armada giving you 1, the charred companions give 2 because they need to be useful for something, and the dino companions giving 3 due to their hunting skills, but only when in battle, of course monstrology doesnt give anything from the smuggler's arena or pvp, as those dont count and shouldnt, but dungeon enemies, normal enemies, and bosses can give their animus and monstrology exp as usual.

the second difference is the name, which will be called beast taming, and animus will simply be called soul shards

the third difference would be in what can be obtained, which is

normal/dungeon enemy soul shard fulfillment rewards: 10 shards and 1000 gold give a summon doubloon, 20 shards and 2500 gold give a house guest, 15 shards and 2000 gold give an expel doubloon, and 50 shards with 10000 gold gives a companion of the monster you collected enough shards for.
boss soul shards fulfillment rewards: 20 shards and 1500 gold give a summon doubloon, 30 shards and 3000 gold give a house guest, and 50 shards and 10000 gold gives a companion of the boss (sometimes nerfed, examples are english bill having no invincibility at all and 2 fan the hammers only on his level 70 obsidian promotion, and moo manchu having no summon but having the wave attacks on his level 70 tower promotion, and kane not having deadly frenzy at all, which would apply to krampus' present ability as well)

the hydra would not be obtainable AT ALL, due to it making no sense for just a head to be obtainable and not the whole body

and now the gimmick for the companions obtained, they will always, boss or not, start at level 1, meaning you will need a LOT of gold, which makes sense cause this was made to have more companions and to be an alternative to most crown companions.

also there will be promotions for companions already existing, such as the monquisitor getting the bishop monquisitor equipment as a final promo at level 40 or something

and i guess thats all, well im off!

also, before i go, i want to see a dev's opinion about this, doesnt matter if its bat or anything, i just want to get one to notice this.

see you in the spiral!

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
Interesting. I'm always in favor of new Companions to add to the variety in my crew.