Monquista is to short!!!!

Petty Officer
Mar 15, 2013
I don't know why but this world really interests me and its a very short world. There isn't much to it but yet it's so mysterious, Like what they did with skull island ghost quests would be cool. All you have to do is make some quests longer. I know I know people are gonna be like: " What! making anymore quests longer! no thanks" It does seem like that but it adds more to the story. I think the new ghost quests were outstanding and they made me really pay attention to them. Monquista needs this the most, Valencia will be expanded the next world update so we don't need to worry about it being to to short. But monquista is just... phew WAY to short I know I've dragged this out for awhile so I wont waste anymore time. The solution would be just to return to monquista and maybe go into their other skyway or stay in the main one, or just expand and add more quests while you first go there and expand the storyline. I know this will take a little while to get around to but I think it would be cool. So I have a question for blind mew, Will we ever return or will it expand? Is it just gonna stay the way it is?

Feb 25, 2012
don't worry my fellow pirate, i have no doubt that we will get to see other parts of monquista before too long!

Aug 09, 2013
I must agree, monquista is a really short world , but Blind Mew did state that we are most likely going to revisit some of the worlds that we have already been in! Monquista has a lot of potential as a realm. Plus, if you go to the Tierra Primata skyway, you should notice 2 empty skyways in both ends of the skyway Thats the best proof we have of a new monquista chapter. Don't worry, the next monquista chapter will come eventually in good time!