Monquista City Problems.

Nov 23, 2013
Hello there! I would like to address a few problems. Even though you're banished from Monquista City, you can still dock there like nothing is wrong.

That's a problem.

I think that after the first boss battle in Monquista, which is the Warden, you shouldn't be able to dock there if the letter really said that the Warden and guards can kill you. I mean, the King and Queen of Monquista should think you dead, right?

So what I think is that if you try to dock there after the Warden Mendez battle, guards will stop you, recognizing your profile. I just think that's it weird that even though royalty has sentenced you to death and you're basically wanted in their capital city, you can dock there.

Like nothing is wrong.

I would just like some people to take this into consideration. Anyone agree?

Jun 16, 2014
some quests require to go back though, and if you don't get that first idol in the city when you are there?

Perhaps in order to dock and travel there you would need to get a 'passcard' or something from one of the ships around the city?