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Monkey Upgrade Idea

Nov 03, 2012
For such a cool companion Monkey King is hardly used by level 65 pirates. I mean, he's not bad but he's not great either. I've thought of three forms of the same power that could change that. Any one of them would be cool in my opinion. I would either want Monkey King to receive these now or in his first promotion.

The powers name would be called Doppelganger. Remember, only Monkey King could cast this power. It would either:

Summon 9 new Monkey Kings. (Thus making 10 Monkey Kings in all.) Each new Monkey King would have one life point and do 350 damage. No epics. Oh, and this can only be casted if there is room. So if you are in the Tower of Moo Manchu with 3 other Monkey Kings and you all use it on the same round at least one of the Monkey King's won't be able to cast it. Kind of like when "No Valid Targets" appears sometimes for Musketeers and Witchdoctors. These doppelgangers would not be able to be controlled by the player.


Summon 2 new Monkey Kings. (Making 3 in all.) Both of them would have 1250 health and do 300 damage. Each would have riposte and relentless. These doppelgangers can not be controlled by the player.


Split Monkey King's power over 4 doppelgangers. After using the power there are 4 Monkey King's in all. Each with 600 health and 380 weapon power. All the epics and talents you gave to your Monkey King are on these guys. These doppelgangers CAN be controlled.

I think these would be super cool. Also, giving Monkey King a new epic hit where he splits into two Monkey Kings would be awesome as well. Please comment if you agree Monkey King needs this or if you think the powers should be balanced.

Petty Officer
May 14, 2011
Well, KI has made some OP crew. Though some concept art of monkey king promotions is out there, and they look real cool. (Personally I find he looks coolest in his robe, but the armor is cool also)