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Monkey Love?

Apr 21, 2009
Hello fellow Pirates.

I'm hear to offer a plight for our forgotten friends, the Monquistadors. Specifically the Monqusitor, Monquistador Explorer, Monquistador Crossbowman and Crazy Monquistador companions. I know it is easy to overlook them because of their stature but with a little love I believe they could be more valuable to any crew.

You see, as of right now they only receive a single promotion putting them what I consider to be third tier companions (4th tier for the Crazy Monquistador who doesn't even get a promote) doomed to a life at the bottom of the companion page just waiting for that 1% chance to see some action.

Recent updates have given many companions new life in the game by adding much needed promotions to help them compete with the more epic story companions and make them more valuable as a whole. I only want the same for the Monquistadors. So devs, if you're reading, please consider help our little friends gain more stature in the skyways.

Thank you,

Quiet Robert - 65 Privateer.

Dec 30, 2012
Gunner's Mate
Jan 06, 2011
I agree. These companions that only get one (or no) promotions should get a little love. I don't want them to be super powerful, just a little more competitive. Although, they will probably still stay at the bottom of my list considering the main companions are so much better and no side companion will ever be as good as Bonnie, for example.

May 13, 2011
i still constantly use the explorer and monk, but i agree. the archers and explorers already have a "third promotion look". if they all have 3 tiers, i could think of a rank

explorer - veteran - warrior

monquisitor - initiate - bishop

crazy monquistador - mad monquistador - insane monquistador

archer? - ??? - marksman

Petty Officer
Jul 12, 2013