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Monkey Business: Monquista Housing items, requests

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Hello Mr. Trelawny-- hope your not too swamped with making new housing items for the upcoming updates & new worlds. I have a bit of a request for you & the KI Housing Development Team (for down the road of course).

I've been working on my Musketeer & he just recently earned passage to the land of monkeys & bananas. Even though he feels out of place & miffed at all the "clumsy giant", "freakishly large", "hulking people", "gangly pirate" & "hairless one" comments, he still could not help but to admire some of the Monquistan décor & fine architecture.

I've noticed that most of the Spiral worlds have a decent amount of housing items. But it appears that MQ does not have as much to offer. So, I would like to request to have a few more MQ items added to the local population, possibly as drops. Also, I believe that there is no housing vendor in MQ, so maybe adding one in the future could provide a good source for some MQ housing items.

It's been a while since my maxed pirate has ventured through MQ & my Musketeer has only stopped in Monquista City thus far. Already I have seen some rather nice items that sure would look good in a pirate's home-- I'm still hoping to one day see a MQ, Spanish Colonial Revival themed house, with that carved banana, stone arched doorway that leads to the throne room in MQ City. Some items that would be nice housing additions are:

Green banana banners that adorn the MQ City walls
Fountain in the center of MQ City
Little monkey friar statues outside of the palace-- the ones holding the books
Absolutely would go ape if we could have a wallpaper that resembles the monkey cherub painting on the ceiling of the throne room
The portraits of Queen Isadore & King Ferdinand, along with their chairs/thrones
A mannequin of the Queen & King, both complete with their attire...quite a gown she possesses
Little banana barrels that are outside in MQ City
Small chests with the bananas near the locks
Little carts in the courtyard of MQ City
Fountain inside San Madrillo Cathedral (Puerto Mico)
The "royal banana" emblem on the floor of the Cathedral
Confession booth in the Cathedral (we are pirates after all)
Organ in the Cathedral (complete with pipes)
3-tiered, square plant in the Governor's Palace (Puerto Mico)
Mini monkey furniture
Monquistador statues, with the axes
The "royal banana" themed wallpaper in the Governor's Palace (Puerto Mico)
Chandelier found in Governor's Palace
Rug, curtains, book shelves & desk found in Governor's Palace, where Governor Duarte is

...and if this could in some way be done, it would be amazing to have small, arched stained glass windows that we could "affix" to our housing walls. Some of the windows in Puerto Mico's San Madrillo Cathedral & the ones in the MQ City palace are quite beautiful (smaller versions of course).

As I continue my travels throughout Monquista, I'll take note of other items and be sure to post them. I'd love for fellow posters to share their own MQ housing item requests as well.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Ok, so my young gunslinger, Dashing Boris De Bouff, docked his ship at Zenda and took a peek around to see what other fine Monkey additions could accent his home.

Right away two things stood out-- The....Trees! Gotta have some of those trees! Also, I think that the following items from Zenda (inside and outside) would look quite nice in and or about a pirate's home.

Stone sections of the Zenda Fortress wall
The lookout towers outside the Zenda Fortress
The pineapple weapon racks found both in/out side Zenda-- the ones with 2 swords and 1 axe
The little monkey training dummies
Some of those pineapple crates

...and the stone flooring and brick walls (as wallpaper) inside Zenda dungeon.

Also, as a side note, I think it would be neat to be able to receive Gortez's makeshift broom weapon as a drop during that fight...for our pirate to equip and use to sweep up the enemy of course.