Model Texture Glitch

Dec 22, 2009
Not sure if this is where i should post this or where it would go. This issue is more Aesthetic/Cosmetic in nature as it does not effect the actual game play at all.

Hello there i was going through a few of the quests for the witchdoctor and noticed that the undead monquisitors hands seem to be flashing black (i have had the problem from having dupe model pieces overlapping while modding for Fallout.) at first i thought it was something wrong with my computer, but I have now seen them flashing on the Undead Monquisitors In the Cave of the Cresent moon as well. Not sure if anyone else has noticed it but the hands seem to be flashing from the white bone texture to a solid black texture (as if there was a second mesh with no texture over lapping)

Is this a known issue, or can anyone else confirm this?