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Mobile Payment

Jun 18, 2013
Hi there,

I'm messaging inquiring about mobile payment with your games. This allows people to pay for Memberships and Crowns and other items without requiring prepaid card or credit card to purchase. The system gets the user to enter their mobile number to have a code sent to their phone. They then enter the code on the site that they sent the code from to be charged. I don't have a credit card and neither do my friends. However if you offered mobile payment in countries such as New Zealand where prepaid cards are not in stores, then you are more likely to capture the attention of allot more users wanting membership with their Kingsisle account. I know at least 3 others or more who would acquire membership if it were possible through mobile payment. And there a few services that make it easy to setup mobile payment with websites. So in-fact the service wouldn't be too difficult to setup as well.
I'm not intending to force you to set this up, I'm just saying you are likely to receive a bigger income if you allow it and it would make it easier for us to get membership.

Just look at other sites who allow this . They attract more users through this payment method then any other payment method.

If you can make this possible, then please let me know.

Hello. This question has already been answered on this thread.


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