Missing Puppet Show?

Jan 17, 2012
I decided one day to go back and view the really cute show that comes on when El Toro the First tells the story of his adopted son and his daughter.

Only to find that it doesn't exist as a puppet show. Awwwwww!!! And El Toro the Second looked so cute as a little bull...

Can this be changed?

Petty Officer
May 22, 2011
it isn't missing, you just probably didn't complete the quest you got from it. If you did, then you should really search for it to see if it's there.

Jan 17, 2012
I managed to break Mustang Sally out of prison and reunite her with El Toro. They are now married, and I have El Toro as a companion. I would think that would be more than enough to get that puppet show in my book.

I have the following puppet shows:

Captain Gunn
The Monkey's Paw
El Dorado and Marco Pollo's Map
The Armada
El Toro
Napoleguin Part I
Napolequin Part II
Napoleguin Part III
The Magnificent 7
Dead Man's Hand

I am presently in Mooshu.

Surely I should have that puppet show where El Toro I tells the story of how he kept Mustang Sally and El Toro II apart.

And before you ask, the El Toro puppet show in the list is the one where Friar Cluck tells the story of El Toro II, without revealing who he is.

May 13, 2011
it could be named don rodrigo or something since you know his real name

Apr 26, 2010
it isn't a puppet show. it is a ordinary quest dialouge, with pictures popping up in front of the screen. sadly, you cannot go back and watch it again. it's not a puppet show, but it should.