Mini stories!!

Petty Officer
Mar 15, 2013
As you may know, everyone has amazing ideas for the storyline. But they all cant be implemented into the main storyline. For the people who do have allot of amazing story or quest ideas, Quest creator or a mini story creator. Mini stories as in a small storyline that is only 1-10 quests long. Lets say someone had the idea that the cutthroats were going to overrun skull island. You set it as you have to go talk to captain avery where you write custom dialog, (All dialog would need a filter or be overlooked by ki before the quest is available. The dialog wont have voice overs.) You then set it as you have to go attack cutthroats in skull island skyway to find information. Etc, you get the point. You cannot make a custom dungeon, you are able to have someone repeat a ki created dungeon. And quests must be based on level, Like a menu where you scroll through player created quests. Level 1-10 quests, Level 10-20 quests, Level 20-30 quests...Etc. (You must have membership to make quests and be over level 10) Anyways guys, this is just my idea. And feel free to put ideas below to improve this system more .

Aug 09, 2013
Oct 29, 2012
this may lead to disaster if the player isn't very mature. and it would probably be hard for you to do it. plus, you need dialogue too. otherwise, it's a real good idea!