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Mini games - Mix results

Jun 18, 2009
Ok been playing for a bit now and I have to say I got props & cons about the mini games.

Would like to have some way to tell how many rewards games I got left for the day, as I don't play my whole 10 at once cause just my play style I would like to be able to tell.

When does this 10 daily count re-set? As far as I can tell no clue not seem to figure out when the count re-sets.

Of all the games I played I have found only Rat Attack to be the hardest, seems to have the steepest diffculty ramp level vs all the other games. Guessing maybe due to the fact it's some kind of continus timer diffculty so at no point allowing any breaks between levels. Plus it seems to favour spamming those barrel dropping spiders, while at same time bring finkel on power ups.
Prize rewards - Pros I do like how the rewards level with your pirate's level and them being rare/better then normal stuff.

Con - I do not like fact seems 95% time the gear never for my pirate's class, I don't want to have to use my Privateer or Musketeer ect. in order to finally get gear for my Witchdoctor.

Con - Random gold amounts, regardless on how well I do on a game how much gold I win (outside of my pirate's current level) is too random if I play 5 games all to the 15k point marks I get gold going from 150 - 400 (for a lv 18 witchdoctor).

Pro/Con - Ship parts rewards, I do like that I get better then vendor ship parts (for most of the types). But I don not like how I seem to get mainly certain parts. Seem my chances of winning part are in decreasing order: Sails 75%, Figurehead/Hull Armor 55%, Anchor 25%, Horn 25%, Rubber 15%, SteeringWheel 5%.
And odd thing is my Anchor/Rubber/SteeringWheel were NOT better then vendor gear, plus Horns also so-so in quaility (as I seem to get better ones via ship battles)

I'm not sure how I feel about the seemingly random ship fuel rewards repalcing one of my other rewards at times. I know as I level my ship re-fueling costs go up but I rarely use the boost unless my timer on the return port expires and then need to sail/run all the way back to where I was. To me the gold from selling the other rewards easily covers the re-fuel costs.
And last pirate gear another pro/con some has really nice skills & stats but others not so much. I just wish I can win gear for the pirate class I'm currently playing the games with though. As it takes a fair bit of time to level I don't want to have to spend hours leveling my Privateer (lv 7) just so I can win gear for my Witchdoctor (lv 18).

Aug 21, 2009
The mini games reset after 24 hours pass, which should be lowered to after 20 hours pass or just simply reset for everyone at the same time when the game day flips. At the 24 hour time, every time I go to play those games is a later and later time of the day and my characters are different in terms of when they can play. I don't really want to play 20 games in a row so that my characters will be at the same time clock.

Petty Officer
Jan 09, 2010
You can get items from playing the mini games?

I must just really suck at them

Community Leader
Logansan on Nov 12, 2012 wrote:
You can get items from playing the mini games?

I must just really suck at them
You and me both, Logansan. You and me both.

Community Leader
A Mythspent Youth on Nov 12, 2012 wrote:
You and me both, Logansan. You and me both.
I've gotten a few items from the shooting gallery game, but, at this point in the game's life, I am much more interested in the main game than mini games

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