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Mick Dagger battle

Mar 26, 2012
I started the Sarah Steele promotion quest today and I am Mick Dagger, I have lost four times already.Before I enter battle his name is grey but when I enter battle he and his minions are around L13 and 14.They critical almost every round with damage taken to me and my companions over 100.Can you guys turn down their change of a critical and health a little bit please.

Cass Underwood L16

Gunner's Mate
Dec 31, 2009
I am also having a hard time with Dagger, mainly because of

a.) all of the enemies and their crit abilities as you mentioned and
b.) their block rates, which are pretty high

If you could keep one and take out the other, it would be appreciated.

Sep 27, 2009
I actually beat him I agree he was a pain, Take heed ye ain't done yet after you beat him your promotion quest takes you to mooshu I have to say companions that have a 2nd promotion the quests seem like they take forever to complete

May 02, 2011
well i didn't really have a problem wait till like lvl 20 then do