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Message Box

Nov 18, 2012
I think a message box would greatly improve the Pirate101 playing experience and the social aspect of the game. Message Box feature can only be enabled for friends, and even so you can still disable it if you want (just like porting). I understand that spamming could most certainly be a problem so we could have the ability to ignore any messages from a certain player.

Just a nice feature that could possibly be included in future updates.

Nikita Devereaux Lvl 50

Jan 20, 2009
I'll second this. More chat window options would be nice.

Petty Officer
Dec 22, 2009
Yeah, Pirate101 for some reason is a very "friend attracting" I guess its the cutey characters or something :P

But thats true, an Inbox where as ppl can leave you a message after while you are not on and is able to be viewed after logging on would really be a nice addition.

Yes, there are people who spam, threaten, annoy, and etc... So it could ba a potential exploit for trouble makers...

Unless mailing was restricted by:

Friends List
Starring a Friend
Having a option to shut off Inbox totally.

This way, only someone your friend, trusted, and and had you Inbox open; can send messages. But truly, sometimes you meet a person on P101 and they are a really good friend - but you only know them via P101. You may wanna leave a message from time to time.

In addition, it could only be enabled to Open Chatters - and Text Chatters with Parental Consent.

Say they went on a trip so you leave a message:


Kingsilse updated this awesome game! Cant wait to see you back on! There is a new world and a bazaar and captains quarters and all that awesome stuff!


Oct 15, 2012
nullya i know right well i already posted about this so i already agree but i gotta disagree with the open chatters part .....