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Menu Chat "My Quests" tab

Jun 11, 2012
Whenever I want to tell my menu-chat friend the quest that I'm currently on, it doesn't show up under the "My Quests" tab! I know it's there but I can't see it. Is it a Resolution problem for me or is anyone else having trouble with this? It acts exactly like this on Wizard101 too. What can I do?

-Daring Aaron Davis, Level 65 Musketeer

Hi! What resolution are you using? I'm still able to navigate menu chat at 800x600 resolution, but I'm interested in hearing more about the problem you're seeing! Are you on a Mac or a PC?

Ultimately, you'll want to contact if this problem persists. When you contact them, please provide as much detail as possible including a dxdiag file if you're on a PC.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
First Mate
May 01, 2012
When you say anything to your friend, this should immediately indicate to him/her that you are online since that is the only time you can actually talk to him/her via chat.

If you want to say something specific like Ahoy!, try the Hello Menu in the Chat Menu pull down. The My Quests tab is only for Quests that you are currently working on or information related to the quests.