Max Gold Error?

Oct 12, 2012
When i was trying to get to 100,000 gold it wouldnt let me because when you do the math and sell things it does about 99,548 random number and you try to sell something for 1,546 its grey out and you cannot get to 100,000 or even get close to buy a house could you guys increase max gold? but i did just do ship battles then got max gold and bought house but a suggestion increase max gold

now THAT sounds like a bug. I'll forward it along and see what I can find out.

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When "selling" items it will not let you hit the cap of 100,000 unless the items you are selling add up to that exactly. If you have 99,950 gold, and your trying to sell something for 100 gold, it will not let you, because this would put you OVER the gold cap. If it was 50 or less then it would allow you to sell it.

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