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Many Many Mount Suggestions

Oct 26, 2012
Carriage Type Mounts:

1.) The cool ranch carriage- a carriage drawn by 2 horses, total size roughly the same as that whale mount Hosts up to 4 pirates.Dropped in deacon fight since no one cares about him and he needs some love.

2.) Santa's Sleigh- I think this has been suggested before but a type of floating carriage like the one above drawn by floating reindeers instead. Will have Boochbeard dressed up as Santa, Gandry as an elf, and a space for you. Available this Christmas.

Pirate Gear Mounts:

1.) Spiral Lightning (SL)- instead of having any mounts do the work, its time pirates increase their speed via sprinting. SL is a pair of boots that make you run like Usain Bolt. It also glows with lightning animation. Available in Crown shop for 8000 crowns.

2.) Wizard dust (WD)- no one knows where this came from, but legend has it if you sprinkle yourself with this dust you can fly and float. There is no visual to this mount. Your pirate just flies in the air. It is very similar to the swimming animation in some water battles we have, except this time there is no water. 8000 crowns in the shop.

Winged Mounts (All similar to clockwork wings):

1.) Wings of Eagles- An angelic set of white eagle wings with a hint of gold. Does seem to shine with a glowing white and gold every now and then. Dropped in Antinous boss fight.

2.) Wings of Mooshu- Dragon like wings with a similar shade to that of Smaug. Can glow with fire every now and then. Dropped in a dungeon that is not moo.

3.) Wings of the big Buffaloon- Now before you blame me about how long this name sounds, take a trip to mooshu and see if you find a "Clothing of the celestial order" or "Coat of the midnight shrine". Anyways this is an extremely small set of wings that struggles to lift up your pirate. Dropped randomly in buffaloon fights, also is a slow mount like the sloth.

April Fool's Mount:

1.) Avery funny mount- this is a very funny mount. Avery crawls like a super fast baby whilst you stand on top of him like a skateboard.

Other mount ideas:

1.) Haywire Clockwork steed. A primarily black mechanical steed with hints of maroon and gold and orange. Available in dreadnaught.

2.) Dragon- An unusual and rare beast. About the size of toothless (perhaps a similar design to him as well, but still unique). There is one a typical one for skull island (Captain Gunn boss fight), an asian one for mooshu (Moo tower), and a black mechanical one for Valencia (Kane). Class variations also available in crown shop.

Jun 23, 2009
I think those are awesome ideas! The carriage especially, Cool Ranch is my personal favorite.

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
Great mounts Dino/GG...some pretty funny ones too!

Here's a few that I had thought of in the past:

Classy Mounts

Praying Mantis- Don't let it's beauty fool you, or you'll be it's next prey! For an idle animation it & your pirate could actually bow heads & pray...&then both lift your heads up to reveal a devilish grin!

Shadow Drake (or Shadow Bat)- It would let out a sinister shriek & it's idle animation would send a swirling Vortex of shadows up from the ground that would surround your pirate and leave him/her with googly eyes & quite dizzy!

Polar Bear- For an idle animation, the bear would use its claw to carve out a 'fake hole' in magically appearing ice. Your pirate would drop a fishing line down as your sturdy mount licks its chops and waits. (Should just ask Catbeard for his Critical Cod).

Spitting Cobra- A magnificent snake that sends sparks from its mouth. When idle it coils around your pirate, causing your pirate's hat/helmet to pop off. That is until your pirate gently pops it on it's noggin, reminding the serpent just who is boss.

Dusky Dolphin- A great support mount for your Privy. For an idle animation it could shoot water through it's blowhole (even though that is not what their blowhole is for) and hit your pirate smack dab in between the eyes!

Goofy Mounts

Totin' Totem- A 4 pirate mount that allows pirates to stack up on top of each other and wiggle and wobble around the Spiral. Each player making up the 'totem pole' would get a Watermole mask to complete the look. Idle animation would involve a hungry woodpecker....

Monitaur- Half mighty bull, half out-of-date clunky computer screen -- compete with electric chord for it's tail.

Happy Hamster- A giant hamster exercise ball complete with water bottle, a head band, and a toy dangling from a pole. Or maybe even a Spiral Guinea doing the exercising with your pirate balancing on top of the ball!

Mow-Hawk- A regal hawk mount that also kindly takes care of the Spiral landscaping!