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Make pets cap at pirates level

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
nefarious alex on Feb 11, 2017 wrote:
No need to be a jerk. Everyone has their opinion, and I agree that pets ruin the beginning of the game, but most people with high level pets have a max and don't want to bother with the beginning, I soloed most of the game with a witch before certain nerfs. And a musket in mooshu after. I got into pets after beating kane. Many people who don't have membership morph a pet from finn or another free boss then spend all their time leveling and begging for morphs (this doesn't happen as often as it used to but I still see it) this is used to waste time until they can get membership and they unknowingly ruin the game for themselves.
We differ in opinion about what "ruins" the game for people. Just because I have a differing opinion doesn't make me a "jerk". I wonder why you've targeted my posts as I'm not the only one to differ with the OP as to super pets with lower levels.
If they have no membership, what are they to do with their time and gold? Somehow they're getting the gold to morph, in the FtP areas, that's not easy. Kudos to them for doing it.They're not going to get a morph from players like you ( BTW I support your right to refuse to morph ).
But they also have every right to make the best pet for themselves - and when they get membership, I'm sure they have a great time playing through the story, whether their pet shows up in battle or not.
P.S.: Word of advice? Don't call people jerks.

Aug 15, 2013
Yeah, this thread is getting out of hand now. Ideas/counter attacks are being repeated and now people are starting to get rude. This thread should be locked unless people can stop being rude to each other and stop repeating things that were mentioned already.