Lvl 75 Power Ideas: Musketeer/Swashbuckler

Gunner's Mate
Dec 16, 2009
I would like to toss out my ideas for some new powers for the next level cap expansion. Assuming that the level is increased by 10, I designed 4 new powers for each class. Here are my ideas for musketeers and swashbucklers.


Lvl 67
Name: Quick Draw Rank 3
Type: Epic Talent(Passive)
Description: Strike before attackers, affects sneak attacks, +25% damage
Explanation: The final rank of the quick draw series that ensures Musketeers are the undisputed masters of shooty weapons.

Lvl 69
Name: Bubbling Tar
Type: Power(Active)
Range: Infinite
Area of Effect: X formation
Description: Place Tar Pit on the field, Tar Pit deals 1x damage to each adjacent enemy, 1x damage to enemy who steps on it(consumes the trap) and comes with Hold the Line Rank 2.
Explanation: A powerful trap that halts multiple enemies and deals damage whether they are adjacent to it or if they step on it.

Lvl 72
Name: Covering Fire
Type: Talent(Passive)
Area of Effect: Spread from gun to maximum range
Description: Chance to fire 1x damage AoE attack(Base 35% chance) when enemy approaches, reduce dodge.
Explanation: A powerful ability seen on some fox mobs in Marleybone, this talent gives a musketeer a chance to fire Bonnie Anne's trademark scattershot for free.

Lvl 75
Name: Batten Down The Hatches
Type: Power(Active)
Area of Effect: Self only
Description: -1 sight radius to self, all bomb traps and pure damage powers Knockback the enemy 1 additional square.
Duration: 5 Rounds
Explanation: A powerful ability that sacrifices some of a musketeers range but allows them to knock an enemy back with a majority of their powers. A useful late game power that can lead to many a combo and can protect the musketeer when low on health.

Lvl 67
Name: Riposte Rank 3
Type: Epic Talent(Passive)
Description: Bonus attack and Dodge when enemy misses
Explanation: The final Rank of the Riposte line that allows a swashbuckler to deal damage and improve dodge at the same time.

Lvl 69
Name: Assasins Flourish
Type: Power(Active)
Description: 2x damage + Bleed and +1 critical hit chance for the next 5 rounds
Explanation: A talent that allows a swashbuckler to lay out some damage and then increase critical chance making him/her instantly more dangerous to melee opponents.

Lvl 72
Name: Absolute Concentration
Type: Talent(Passive)
Description: Chance to remain hidden after being hit or attacking(Base 35% chance)
Explanation: A powerful talent that gives a swashbuckler the potential to remain hidden,improving both offense and defense and making him/her more dangerous.

Lvl 75
Name: Intrepid Defense
Type: Power(Active)
Description: Intercept attacks directed at adjacent allies, +25% dodge and accuracy per adjacent ally.
Duration: 5 Rounds
Explanation: An upgrade to Gallant Defense that improves a swashbucklers prowess relative to the number of allies he/she is protecting.

Jan 21, 2014
cool, i love the swashbuckler

i think this is the swashbuckler sign.....

Aug 21, 2009
What my musketeer would like to do is to knock back characters into the bombs and traps that are already on the board. The bombs that have knockback on them would be nice for this but the programming in the game is such that if any other character is attacking something that is going to be knocked back with bombs it won't be moved anywhere (I hate using knockback bombs and seeing that they don't knock anything back at all cause my companions have one or more targeted with another attack).