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Lvl 70 Buccaneer Henchman's Weapon

Oct 13, 2010
All the lvl 70 henchman gear is farmable except for the buccaneer's weapon. I think it should be added to the farmable weapons, because it is certainly better than the valencian sword and shield. Pretty weak for a max lvl buccaneer to use a weapon privateers use.

Feb 08, 2012
The Mercenario Polearm has 230 weapon power, hardly weak at all. It's fairly easy to get, farm crabs or Kane.

Or, farm the Labyrinth dungeon in Aquila for the Axe of the Minotaur Lords.

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
Yeah can someone from ki please input that weapon into the game? I can't speak for the polearm but I really like that axe and would love to see it in game.