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Lots of ideas

Nov 04, 2012
sjosten on Aug 26, 2014 wrote:
Maybe she's a cat disguised as a raccoon. Swashbucklers are sneaky like that. Or maybe a raccoon disguised as a cat disguised as a raccoon to lull us into a false sense of security. Or maybe she's a penguin (she does have a Polaris accent) disguised as a raccoon disguised as a cat disguised as a raccoon.
no offense but your confusing me

Petty Officer
Mar 11, 2011
I've got another idea in this post

The nefarious five as companions? i think that would be cool even if we had to buy them for 7495 crowns i would really like to have all 5 on my crew.

Jun 28, 2014
REAL trading, such as trading gear and companions, and mounts and such, i do understand why it couldnt be implemented though

Petty Officer
Mar 11, 2011
a companion idea i think is cool

a dog from marleybone that is a who holds a flag that has our flag colors and the little picture thing of what you chose when changing your flag or making your pirate he can be bought from the crown shop for 4495 crowns?

Petty Officer
Mar 11, 2011
This idea i thought was pretty cool popped in my head when i was in catbeards lair i was bored today so i went to explore some pretty cool areas and remembering what that place looked like (No spoilers) Made me want to live there i would really like if it was a house if it were in the crown shop it could cost maybe 20000 crowns or 200000 gold pieces Or it could be part of a bundle same size and you can fly around inside and maybe go under the water i would love this place as a house with all the rooms and the waterfall the awesome detail in everything there i would like to turn the old place into a city What do ye think

Oh and maybe a idea of what the bundle (If it were in one) Could have to offer

Companion: maybe a ruin colossus with vines and his body is made of all those ancient aztecian bricks his name i have no idea or it could be a zombie/skeleton dino
House: Its that idea up there
Armor: Some kind of dino armor maybe a triceratops hat and some armor with scales
Weapon: a big sword covered in vines
Ship: The ancient galleon a ship covered in vines and other plants it could be made of ancient brick and stone and have a fire at the front of the ship in some kind of ancient brazier
And of course the 1 month membership or 5000 crowns (And if anybody can think of a cool standard then they can throw that idea in here)

So again... What do ye think