Limited companions

Feb 06, 2010
All the special release companions need to be brought back. Ok so its good to reward early players in these games, but I had no idea the game existed and now find there are retired companions I really want. Either make them purchaseable in the crown store (along with the pack only companions) or at least make them tradeable so I might be able to eventually buy or trade them from older players...

Make it possible somehow!

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Jan 13, 2009
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Jan 06, 2011
I disagree, in part. The cat pirate I got with the Boochbeard bundle shows that I was willing to support the game before it even came out. If everyone could get the cat as well, what was the point of giving it? It was supposed to be a unique reward for early "investors" in the game.

As for the Ninja Pig though, that was sent to random people only in the US, so I had no chance of getting one (except for begging on the forums).

Feb 06, 2010
Yes...and I agree with rewarding early investors...but I don't agree with penalizing people who didn't know the game existed. I can pretty much bet that I am more heavily inversted in the game than many people who happen to have gotten that particular my investment less valuable for having come later?

I usually early adopt, so this is rarely an issue for me, but it is NO fun being unable to get something you really want because of something totally outside your control. For me, collecting the companions is the best part of this game, and knowing that there are some which will be forever outside my grasp is borderline unacceptable.

Of course the point is moot as long as Kingsisle is cheating with the unattainable pack companions, so getting every compaion will never be possible as long as they refuse to allow people who buy alot of packs to ever get those companions...just dangle them under the noses of occasional buyers in the hopes they will buy more...but don't give them to avid buyers since they know you'll keep buying and they don't want you to stop by giving you what you want.